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Here's a fact: Not everyone profits from hiring a copywriter.

Running a bar that’s packed out every night with nothing but Whiskey Sour written on the door? You can open up a second one without me.

I focus on projects where better words mean better business. How do you know if that's your case? Simple. I'll tell you.


After more than a decade in the business, I've had the pleasure of working with quite a few great clients.

Some of them even sent some words back.

"The way I see it, Filip has mastered copywriting."

Jan Kriz, WeAre Summit

“A few people have asked me if I know a good copywriter. I always tell them that I don’t know a good one, I only know an excellent one."

Jan Slama, FaceUp

“If the copywriter’s performance was described as in cars Filip would be a reliable V12."

Karolina Belohlavkova, J. Walter Thompson Prague

"I especially appreciated Filip's way of working, quick delivery time, and extreme reliability."

Ales Havlat, Rocket Club

"If you are looking for a copywriter or a creative for your online marketing project, you can stop now."

Evzen Bilek, LG

"I have had the opportunity to work with several copywriters, and Filip is the best of all of them."

Michal Brtnicek, Meebio

"During my career, I have met only a few people as enthusiastic about what they do for a living."

Michal Novak, TETA

"Filip is really creative in copywriting, and he always deeply studies the background of the whole topic."

Daniel Piterak, Danny P.

"The added value of working with Filip was evident from the first meeting."

Lukas Holovsky, Salesfit

"Since we started working with Filip, we spend less time on our copy and write better."

Filip Bodlak,

"Filip is the 1st person I'm thinking of when I need to get some copywriting done."

Kate Pljaskovova, Fair HQ & She Wins

"Filip is qualified to create outstanding copy with a true understanding of marketing and business goals."

Ivana Gladysh-Mirkovska, Salesforce specialist

"Effective time management, fast and honest feedback, a constructive approach, and a great deal of creativity."

Martin Gazo, dreamBIG

"It's not just his professionalism... Filip is a positive energy junkie."

Hessel van Oorschot, Tribe of Noise

"Dealing with Filip is so easy and pleasant."

Lukas Kuca, Angelcam


Of course you’ll need to know more before we begin. So will I. Let's start small: With an email.

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