My name is Filip, and I can’t say cheese. On the other hand, I can write.


The Oxford English Dictionary says there are 171,476 words in current use. My job is to choose the right ones for startups like yours. Or yours.
This is how it happens: I Iisten, talk, ask questions, quote a price, talk some more, promise, think, think some more, write, edit, rest for a while, hate it, rewrite, delete, write again, feel confident about what’s emerging, send for feedback, edit, get it proofread, deliver the final version to you.*
*Because even Colonel Sanders realized the importance of following a certain formula to make your work finger lickin’ good stand out.


I don't want to sound picky but honestly I kind of do. See, not everyone benefits from hiring a copywriter.
If you run a bar that gets crowded every night with nothing but Whiskey Sour written on your website, you can probably open up a second one without me.

So I focus on an area where better words mean better business: European startups that are ready to cross their home country's borders.


I've been in the copywriting business since 2009, and some people think I'm not bad at it.
“The way I see it, Filip has mastered copywriting. He can immediately adapt to the tone of voice that each particular project needs, his copy has the necessary drive, and it's just great to read. Thanks to our cooperation with Filip, we're successfully building the awareness of our two brands, SWCSummit and UP21, around Europe. Apart from two intense six-month communication campaigns, we've been working together on content for both online and offline media for the past three years.”

Jan Kriz, Chief Marketing Officer at UP21
“If the copywriter’s performance was described as in cars Filip would be a reliable V12. He knows how to work fast, precisely and to make it fun at the same time. His skills and knowledge in the field of digital copywriting are uniquely supplemented by his ability to work both in Czech and in English.”

Karolina Belohlavkova, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson Prague


Do we have a match? Then let’s talk. I’m happy to answer your questions, share my availability, and discuss your project details at
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