My name is Filip,
and I can’t say

On the other
hand, I can


The Oxford English Dictionary says there are 171,476 words in current use. My job is to choose the right ones
for startups like yours. Or yours.
This is how it happens: I Iisten, talk, ask questions, quote a price, talk some more, promise, think, think some more, write, edit, rest for a while, hate it, rewrite, delete, write again, feel confident about what’s emerging, send for feedback, edit, get it proofread, deliver the final version to you.*

*Because even Colonel Sanders realized the importance of following a certain formula to make your work finger lickin’ good stand out.


I don't want to sound picky but honestly I kind of do. See, not everyone benefits from hiring a copywriter.
If you run a bar that gets crowded every night with nothing but Whiskey Sour written on your website, you can probably open up a second one without me.

So I focus on the area where better words mean better business: European tech startups that are ready to expand beyond their home country's borders.


Some people say nice things about my work. If I’m not the luckiest guy on Earth, I don’t know who is.
The way I see it, Filip has mastered copywriting. He can immediately adapt to the tone of voice that each particular project needs, his copy has the necessary drive, and it's just great to read. Thanks to our cooperation with Filip, we're successfully building the awareness of our two brands, SWCSummit and UP21, around Europe. Apart from two intense six-month communication campaigns, we've been working together on content for both online and offline media for the past three years.

Jan Kriz, Chief Marketing Officer at UP21
Filip is really creative in copywriting and he always deeply studies the background of the whole topic.

Daniel Piterak, founder and CEO of Danny P.
I cooperated with a big number of freelancers, but cooperation with Filip was for sure one of the BEST. What I really like is: time management, fast and honest feedback, a constructive approach, and a great deal of creativity. That’s a package that not many people have. I would definitely recommend him!

Martin Gazo, founder of dreamBIG
Filip is such a great personality and it shows in his work and approach. Dealing with him is so easy and pleasant. We at Angelcam had so many special requirements and Filip managed all of them with such simplicity and elegance.

Luke Kuca, Partnership success manager at Angelcam
During my career, I have had the opportunity to work with several copywriters, and Filip is the best of them all. His copy doesn’t lack humour and power, it “buckles the reader up” and doesn’t let him go until everything important has been said.

Michal Brtnicek, General Director at Meebio, s.r.o
Filip is a professional. He is qualified to create outstanding copy with a true understanding of marketing and business goals. He is very easy to work with. A team player with his creative and innovative approach to the tasks. I am very happy to have Filip on my team.

Ivanna Gladysh-Mirkovska, Salesforce Marketing Automation specialist
If the copywriter’s performance was described as in cars Filip would be a reliable V12. He knows how to work fast, precisely and to make it fun at the same time. His skills and knowledge in the field of digital copywriting are uniquely supplemented by his ability to work both in Czech and in English.

Karolina Belohlavkova, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson Prague

Got Q?

I've got A.

When can we get it done?

Depends on what we're working on together. Am I writing copy for your website? I'll need a week or two for a light landing page and between three and six weeks for more content-heavy projects. Are we starting a long-term blogging relationship? Let's shape the scope of the project so it fits both your needs and my availability. That being said, I always put together a roadmap of the project and give each step a fixed deadline before we start. These details come as part of my proposal, so you can decide upfront if the timing suits you.

How much will it cost?

I’d rather not say at this point. See, we don’t know each other that well yet, and I’d just be shooting random numbers at you. First, I need to find out more about your company and the scope of our cooperation, then I’m able to put a price tag on it. For now, is it OK if I assure you that you’ll know the final price for my work right after our first call?

How will our cooperation work project-management-wise? (Hint: Basecamp)

When we leave the first meeting feeling good about the cooperation, I'll set up a new Basecamp project for you. This is where our entire business relationship will live, from my initial proposal, through materials you can share with me and documents I create, all the way to my invoice. Why Basecamp? Because unlike all the Asanas, Trellos, Slacks, Mondays, Notions and other tools, Basecamp is best prepared for a copywriter–client workflow. It's also the simplest project management software out there, so you'll pick it up immediately even if you haven't worked with it before (I promise).

Do you also do social media copywriting or PPC copywriting?

I don’t, sorry. The life span of social media posts and PPC ads is too short to justify your investment in my work. Where I add value to your company is in delivering outputs that will work for you for at least several months, ideally years.


Do we have a match? Imagine you’re swiping right, and let’s talk.
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