Let’s see if I’d managed to answer your questions before you even asked them. Need to know more? I’m all ears.

The basics

When can we get our copy done?

Depends on what we’re working on together. Are we searching for and applying your brand voice? This typically takes three or four weeks. Am I writing copy for your website? I’ll need a week or two for a light landing page and between three to six weeks for more content-heavy projects.

That being said, I always put together a roadmap of the project and give it a fixed deadline before we start. These details come as part of my proposal, so you can decide up front if the timing suits you.

Do you also write for social media or PPC ads?

I don’t, sorry. The life span of social media posts and PPC ads is too short to justify your investment in my work. Where I add value to your company is in delivering words that will work for you for at least several months, ideally years. So that's what I do.

How will you deliver the order?

I can deliver your copy in any format that suits you. In my experience, Google Docs and Google Slides work best, but if you're used to Pages, Keynote, PowerPoint, Word, or something else, I'll deal with it. The final documents are all yours, of course.

How much will it cost?

I’d rather not say at this point. See, we don’t know each other that well yet, and I’d just be shooting random numbers at you. First, I need to find out more about your company and the scope of the project, then I’ll be able to put a price tag on it.

For now, is it OK if I assure you that you’ll know the final price for my work right after our first call?The package comes with a price tag of €539.

We just need to (re)write our home page or a campaign landing page, not the entire website. Can you do that?

Absolutely. If you don't feel like rewriting your entire website, let's start small.

When can we get it done?

Depends on what exactly we're working on together. I'll need a week or two for a light landing page, and between three and six weeks for more content-heavy projects.

That being said, I always put together a roadmap of our cooperation and give each step a fixed deadline before we start. These details come as part of my proposal, so you can decide upfront if the timing suits you.
Brand Voice

How long does it take to create the handbook?

What we'll create together will define your company's written and spoken communication in the years to come, so it wouldn't be wise to rush this. That said, it's also not a good idea to let the project drag on for months and lose focus along the way.

A reasonable timeframe from start to handover is 3 – 4 weeks. To get a more precise time estimate, just ask.

How much does it cost?

The Brand Voice Handbook costs between €1340 and €2680. Why not just put a single price tag on it? Because it wouldn’t be fair. I create each handbook from scratch, and if there are chapters we can leave out, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

You can rest assured you’re buying what you need and not overpaying for what you don’t.

Can you send us a few handbooks you've done?

I'd love to, but I can't. The handbook is an internal document, and I always treat it as such. However, I can tell you that companies like Freshlabels, Realpad, Circlle, and Fakturoid have got one from me.

In what language(s) can we do the consultation?

I’m happy to discuss your writing in English or Czech.

Can we meet in person?

Sure, why not! The reason I present these consultations as calls is that I move around the globe quite a lot. A few months ago, I would have been talking to you from Hong Kong. As of writing this, you’ll catch me in Vancouver. Next week it will be Seattle… You get the idea.

If there’s one place I can call my hometown, it’s Prague. While there, I work at WeWork, where I’m happy to meet you for coffee. If you think meeting in person would work best for you, email me at filip@malypetr.com, and let’s see what we can do.

I have to cancel a call that I’ve already paid for. Can I get a refund?

Of course. Just let me know 24 hours or more before the call, and I’ll refund you the full amount. If it’s less than 24 hours, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to refund your money.
Ready to start? Then let’s talk. I’m happy to answer your questions, share my availability, and discuss your project details at filip@malypetr.com.
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