Clickbait. Mind-bending techniques to write killer headlines. Cheap tricks to create artificial scarcity.
I’m here for those who expect the opposite from their copy.

Because I believe confident founders and honestly-run companies should act accordingly.
When everyone's following the same copywriting clichés, you can cut through the noise by writing in an open, natural way, and by actually talking to people instead of drowning them in marketing speak.

“That's nice and all, but how is your writing different?”

Fair question. I'll build your web copy on the intersection of what you have to say and what your customers want to hear.
What customers
want to hear
What you want
to say

What's included in the package and how it works

I call this product the SWCSummit Special, but to be honest that's just because I want to sound a little fancy. In reality, it's simple. This is the process behind it.
  1. Once you've bought the package, I'll ask you for three things. The link to your website, the slides you'll be showing as part of your pitch, and your pitch notes (basically what you're going to say on stage).
  2. My turn. I'll spend the next 72 hours fine-tuning the copy on your homepage, tweaking the slides to make them as powerful as they can be, and making suggestions on your pitch. I'll send you everything in three separate Google Docs.
  3. Your turn. Comment on anything and everything that you'd like me to clarify or that you feel deserves a second (or third) look.
  4. As soon as you're done with the comments, and I'm done with the edits, a professional editor will polish every single word, giving it the necessary final touch.
  5. Check, done! Roughly a week from your order, you're ready to arrive at the European Continental Finale with a winning pitch in your head, crystal-clear slides on your laptop, and a great website to link people to during networking sessions.
“If copywriting performance was described in terms of cars, Filip would be a reliable V12. He knows how to work quickly, precisely, and to make it fun at the same time.”

Karolina Belohlavkova, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson Prague
Got a question or five?

Here are a few answers you might find useful. Or, let's talk! You can reach me at

How much does the package cost?

The package comes with a price tag of €539.

Who'll work on it?

Two people: me (not surprisingly) and an editor with whom I've been working for the past four years, Evan Vischi.

When's the last date to place an order?

As I'm sure you know, the Startup World Cup & Summit takes place on April 29, 2020. To make everything go smoothly, please place your order before April 20.

What if we change something after you've edited the copy?

Let's not make a fuss about it. If it's minor changes, just send it over, and I'll give it an extra round of editing on the house.

What format should the materials be in?

In any format that suits you. In my experience, Google Docs and Google Slides work best, but if you're used to Pages, Keynote, PowerPoint, Word, or something else, I'll deal with it.

How will you deliver the results to us?

I'll send you three separate Google Docs. One with your pitch, one with the slides, and one with the web copy. You'll be able to comment on the content and make changes without logging in. The final documents are all yours, of course.
Ready to start? Then let’s talk. I’m happy to answer your questions, share my availability, and discuss your project details at
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